Pet care products should always be of quality you can trust. We never use artificial colors or dyes, herbs from GMO seeds, or artificial flavorings. Every herb we use comes from organic, wildcrafted, kosher, non-GMO herbs. Our products are designed the way Mother Nature intended for our animals to be cared for in times of need.
We were born out of a desire to create healthy and beautifully fragranced grooming solutions for our furry family members. We manufacture botanical pet grooming solutions using pure & therapeutic grade ingredients that help animals health & wellness. Our belief is that you can have a product that is beneficial to the dog, beneficial to the earth, & beneficial to the pet parent using the highest quality ingredients. All products are made in the USA while oils and extracts are sourced globally for purity.
We know you want your pet to live a long, healthy life. We believe feeding your dog to thrive shouldnt be time consuming or complicated, so all of our supplements can be fed quickly and easily while delivering maximum nutritional benefits.
The Gold Standard of Pet Care; all products are organic, all natural, bio-degradable, cruelty, paraben, and sulfate free.
Highest quality manufacturing and ingredients with minimal processing to ensure the highest nutritional value while also being complete and balanced.
Your partner for your pets wellness & wellbeing to the highest quality standard.
We want to help you feed your pets great quality meat, which is why we source from free-range farms who humanely raise their animals without antibiotics or added growth hormones. We pride ourselves on the fact that every morsel is made without artificial preservatives or flavorings and gently prepared without grains or fillers. All of our products are packed in the USA or New Zealand with meats sourced from the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.
We believe you shouldnt have to worry about whats in your pets bowl. All of our ingredients are carefuly chosen to meet our standards: organic herbs and vegetables, hormone and antibiotic free meat, and pure and honest supplements. Heres to the healthiest, happiest life for you and your pets.
We are dedicated to passion before profit as we work to create a better everyday life for your pet.

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